Ruth Bruckner has been studying historical keyboard instruments, viol and recorder in Vienna, Paris, London and Leipzig and also graduated from studying philosophy in Vienna and London.

She was awarded many prizes at international competitions such as the 1st Prize for Early Music at the 10th International Music Competition in Osaka/Japan 2009 and the 1st Prize at the International Early Music competition in Middelburg/The Netherlands  2011. When graduating from the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna she was awarded the University‚Äôs honorary prize for artistic excellence.

She is currently teaching Historical Performance Practice at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna.

Current Projects


Sacred monophony and earliest polyphony from the school of St.Martial combined with the powerful songs from the occitan Trobador repertoire

Merce o morte

Virtuoso instrumental music and brilliant songs from the Italian trecento composers Johannes Ciconnia, Jacopo da Bologna, Francesco Landini, a.o.

Amour servir

Consort music from the Burgundian Court in the 15th century

Music by Gilles Binchois, Guillaume Dufay, Arnold de Lantin, a.o.


A repertory evocative of night and darkness in 19th and 20th century piano music, performed on various historical keyboard instruments, each corresponding to the respective time period. 

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